"One joy scatters a hundred griefs" ~~Chinese Proverb~~

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's Chloe Day!!!

We have all been hyper and anxious about today, all talking about what was to come, but on the bus ride to the Civil Affairs Office the bus was very quiet. We all realized it really was about to come true. Once in the office they had us in the waiting room and there were 5 families in our group. They told us the order the babies would be brought out and we were #5! Once they started bringing out the babies there was on 1 -2 minutes before they brought out the next baby...it was mass confusion...everybody was trying to video and take pictures for the other familiy but then suddenly your baby was coming out ...it was amazing. When Chloe came out she was just beautiful. We all got to hold her and talk with one of the ladies from the orphanage who had taken care of her. after spending 1 hour at the Civil Affairs Office we headed off to dinner and then to the hotel to spend bonding time with our babies. Chloe was fascinated on the bus ride back from the restaurant. Everything in this city is very tropical with bright lights, and very colorful...when she would see the lights she would just laugh and yell...it was so funny. Everybody would look ahead for more bright lights and we would know she would get excited. She never cried when we got her !!! I think she lilkes us so far. At the hotel she played on the bed a little and then I put her in the tub for a bath. She loves the water and played and played splashing her feet and clapping her hands. She finally cried when i took her out. Got her in her cut p.j.'s and she smells so good!!!! she is now on the bed with Chuck and just flopping alll over him,..She has a cold and we have given her meds for that...Thanks LaLisa for sending the meds and alll your encouragement. She loves for us to hold her on our knee and she will sling her head back and bust out laughing . She must have done that 50 times. We have had so much fun with her. Headed back out at 8:30 in the morning for the Civil Affairs Office and then free time tomorrow afternoon.. We will be buying a stroller and walking around. Our hotel is right on the Pearl River and it is beautiful. Everything is tropical....palm trees....68 degree weather...very good weather to have a baby outside. Our room is on the 11th floor and the view is awesome. Across the water there are very colorful lights......purples from the hotels...blues and greens....looks alot like resorts. Well we are exhasuted once again and are off to bed. We want to hear from all of you that check our blog so please leave a message. Love to all of you who have supported us during the amazing journey.....look forward to returning to the US on Dec 29.


Life is SO good..we love you, Chuck, Pam, Lindsey and Chloe Madison Xian Jones


Doris & Dan Clark said...

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! So happy for you! Your family is all together now. Truly wonderful!

Enjoy every moment!

Keep smilin!

Wannell Willard said...

Hey Chuck,Pam,Lindsey & Chloe,
I have been looking at all your pictures and entries everday. Just got your Website from the church bulletin. I know that all of you are overwhelmed with this trip to China, and especially meeting Chloe.
We are so happy for you after this long awaited journey, that you finally have your precious daughter. Chloe is going to have such a wonderful life, being part of your family. We can't wait till you return home so we can meet her.
The Willards
Kim, Wannell, Myrick
Blake & Mackenzie

Catherine said...

Congratulations!!! Your family has been in my thoughts and prayers often. I was sitting in church last night and just kept thinking...Chloe is almost with Mommy, Daddy and her awesome big sis!

Continuing to pray for all of you as you get to know one another. Chloe is an absolute doll!

Blessings, Catherine

Brian & Darin said...

Congratulations! It's been a long road but now you have your baby girl in your arms! She's beautiful!


amy said...

This is by far the best blog I have been reading and the cutest baby i have seen. we are paperchasing and I am loving your encouragment to others..thanks so much

our blog is at

Deb said...

AWESOME! I can't hardly type for the joyful tears. Your family of 4 finally together. The pictures are great - I can hardly wait to get her in my arms too.
love ya,
aunt deb

liz said...

Yay, you have the long-awaited Chloe. She is just precious and your whole family looks so happy! Congratulations.

Shannon said...

Congrats Lindsey! She is so adorable! I just love those cheeks!! I can't believe you finally have your baby sister. Life is good!

Nana said...

she is beauiful:we are so happy for you.now our family is complete.Pop is so happy said he can't wait until 29th. please hurry home so we can spoil her like we did her big sister. we love you so much ,lindsy she will be a awesome big sister.Love Nana &pop

SUSAN said...

to the Jones family of four I have never been sooo happy for any one as Iam your family. we stayed up unti morning and I finally went to sleep. I went to sleep praying for all of you. Then I was awakened by Pam Cole going crazy saying get up Susan you want believe your eyes Chloe is beautiful just like her new family.Icant get over the look on all your faces and the one of her touching Lindes face the look on all yiur faces is worth a more than a million dollars.I knew all the time God was going to give you another baby. you are sooo deserving of the blessings, from God after all you went thru.Pam Cole said, the song, LITTLE CHINA DOLL was written just for her.
OH MY GOD, What a awesome birthday and Christmas gift.
Love and prayers,The Aunt who Loves you all the most Aunt Susan

debbie said...

We are all here at the office looking at the beautiful pictures of Chloe. I can not wait to see her in person. Give her a kiss for me.

Love, Debbie Bedford

amanda said...

so glad you have chloe she is beautiful and looks like she is so happy.... we love yall and cant wait to you yall ... amanda

sherry said...

hey i am so happy for you.. she is beautiful i want to hold her.. you all are a family of 4 now.. it is awesome.. i miss you and can,t wait for you to get back i want to hold her she is beautiful i am about to have a stroke looking at all of you with her talk to you later love aunt sherry (baby sissterr)

ready4china said...

Chloe is so beautiful!!!! Congratulations....enjoy every minute of your trip.
Kasie Bridges

I love all of her hair :) Too cute!

sherry said...

i am talking to nana and looking a pictures and hollering she is beautiful lindsey i miss you i am so happy for all of you.. hurry home hunter is doiing good.. brent is so happy.. love sherry

Holly and Adam said...

Congratulations!!! Chloe is so beautiful!! I know you all are so excited to finally have her with you. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Adam and Holly

Donna said...

Dear Chuck, Pam Lindsey and Chloe,

My name is Donna Hughey I am Sharon Rivers roommate(she works for your Dad) and I have followed your journey for the last year or so. Sharon and I send our love. Chloe is of course beautiful and it is so good to see her in your arms. We can't wait to see her in person. We hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas as a family of four. Be safe on your travels and send more pictures when you can. Love, Sharon and Donna

Ed and Lisa said...

Oh my gosh! I read this post with tears in my eyes! Isn't this just the best??? I am so happy for you all! Congratulations. : )

Lisa :)

Jamesons said...

Oh My Goodness!!!! SOOOOOO Cute!!!!
She is an angel! I hope you all enjoy your first few days with her... I can't wait to hold and finally meet my new little mei mei!! Congratulations!!

Connie said...

It's so wonderful to see you all together at long last!

Beautiful photos.

Peace and hugs :0)


Chuck, Pam and Lindsey,

Congratulations!! She is beautiful. You are very welcome for the little bit of help I gave you. I feel like she is part mine. Oh, I know, I can be auntie LaLisa. Christopher and Allyson will be so excited to have another "China" friend to grow up with. We will continue to pray for safety, good health and an easy transition for Chloe. If you haven't already, don't buy a stroller. There are several stores near the White Swan that will let you borrow one. Ask around. Keep sending us updates, I feel like I am back in China all over. I am glad things are going so well.

lisa said...

I cant get over how beautiful she is.Your mom and i was watching the clock tick last night and we were about to go crazy. igot up at 5:00 am to check the blog. She looks so happy!!! Chloe doesn't realize how much love is coming her way. Chuck..I haven't seen you smile like that since... well,It's been a long time. congratulations!
Love to you all1

Dannye said...

wow, what an amazing sounding day, congrats, what a cutie pie, and such great smiles.

Lee-Anne said...

YAY!!! Man, Chloe looks great! No crying?!!! Fantastic! Can't wait to see/hear more of your time with Chloe!