NC to China and back in 2 weeks

"One joy scatters a hundred griefs" ~~Chinese Proverb~~

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Since we are home and some of you may not have the link to my other it is...


Since we are home and some of you may not have the link to my other it is...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Zai Jian China!

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What an amazing journey this has been, we have met families who are now connected to us in such a powerful unique way that in my eyes make them a part of our family, watching the other families be united with their daughters at the same time, watching a family be born in front of my eyes was truely the most amazing time of my life. They are such good people and i feel blessed to have them apart of our travel group!! Much love to you guys, you know who you are ;-]
This trip has changed my life forever, this country has changed my life forever, and i am so glad that we were able to come here to see Chloe's birth country so that one day when she is older we can tell her what a rich country China is. The people here are really nice and many have become our friends, that in turn has made it even harder to say goodbye. Out of all the experiences of my life, the moment i first saw Chloe in person has to top them all. I fell in love with her, and i fell hard. That day, "Chloe day" will forever live inside me, and everytime i watch the video of that moment i will be reminded of how God has changed my life. The emotions have been overwhelming and my life FINALLY has so much more meaning to it, making this trip the hardest yet best trip of my life! We (my parents and i ) cannot thank the Chinese people enough for trusting us to raise one of their precious girls.
So now it is time to finish packing and load up the laptop and fly home, so Chloe can start her new life in America. Much love to those who have prayed for us and continue to pray for us, we will see you in North Carolina!! Next time i post, Chloe Madison Xian Jones will be an American!!
Chuck, Pam, Lindsey and Chloe Madison Xian Jones
and now for pics of our last day in China..the country that gave us this sweet girl!!

Dad and his 2 girls holding the last breakfast coupon this morning!
Dad and Chloe giggling in the Swan Room
Our new friends from The Home of Love..we will miss them
Yet more friends who have been so very kind to my family
Some preschool kids me, mom and Chloe saw today before lunch..they can say hello in english!
I love making her laugh and love the way her nose curls up
Bonding while viewing the Pearl River
Chloe took her first steps (with help from mom) during her last visit to the Swan Room
Packed and ready to go...Chloe wanted to make sure we didn't forget

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

My birthday & our newest American!

The internet has been down throughout Guangzhou today due to the earthquake in the Phillipines so i hope you can see these pics! Today was (or is in the USA) my bday! Also today marked another very important thing...our Consulate app. was today, meaning today was THE DAY we all took an oath and got Chloe's passport and visa so she could become an American..YEA!! So overall an awesome day, ending in a b-day celebration at Lucy's with most of our travel friends..enjoy the pics!
p.s-angel and blake-Everyone LOVED Chloe's outfit today, thanks a bunch for it..she looked like a pink snow bunny in it..hehe =)

love the smile hun!
I love my little pink snow bunny =)
Chloe thinks her big sis is funny!
Got flowers from WS workers..soo sweet
And of course flowers and a address book from Elvin

A happy family of 4 at Lucys!

I think everyone had a great time at Lucys!!

After we got done eating and got back in the hotel room Chloe was soo sleepy but i managed to get her to laugh for a few pre-bedtime pics in the pj's i bought!

She just started doing that thing with her

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day after Christmas (AKA "baba's" bday)

We had a great time celebrating baba's (dad's) b-day 2day..get to do it again for me the pics!

Good morning sunshine =) (sissy took this pic..she makes me laugh!) Happy b-day wearing the outfit u wanted me 2 wear..hehe

Daddy and sissy took me to play in the Swan Room after breakfast

It's rough playing..but someones gotta do it =)
yay mommy came in to play then sissy went upstairs to get some peace and quite!
oooo i AM pretty...i love this mirror =P

**proof that dad has been in China waayyy 2 long..he's kissing Elvin our guide hehe**

Dad's surprise cake brought in my yours

we had a fun little celebration!

Sissy gave me my first taste of cake icing..not

**Chloe LOVES music and 2nite me and mom put on ms. new booty (chloe LOVES it) and "danced" with her..sooo adorable we made dad video here it is im not sure if u will be able to hear the music very good but look at that giggle..yea that kid is sooo cute!

Bloggy friends =)

Here is a special picture of Sandy and Sophie. I know their familyx in Green Bay, Wisconsin will enjoy seeing her new sister. She is just beautiful. Mom talked with your mom and dad this morning at breakfast and they were all doing good.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day Crazyness in China

Well as you all in the US are just now waking up to Christmas morning, us in China are fixing to go to sleep as we finish up Christmas day! Today didn't feel like Christmas at all..we miss everybody and just the normal Christmas atmosphere. We had a busy agenda today, starting right after breakfast with all 7 families taking the children to the infamous examination room that every chinese child adopted has to go through in order to travel home with his/her new family. There are 3 stations each child must go through, the weight and height station, ear,nose,throat station and the basic physical appearence station where the baby is stripped and looked over. Chloe did not like this at all, she as well as most of the other babies cried the whole time, not fun! here are some pics..

And if that wasnt enough of a torture for the babies, at 3:00 we were to go down for the famous red couch picture...muhaha right when nap time hits, so as you can imagine 7 tired cranky babies who had already been poked and picked at dressed up in chinese outfits left to sit on a couch with about 15 people watching them of course ended up in pure torture for the poor little things...and yes Chloe cryed the whole time, but we got some great shots of me and her in our matching chinese outfits.... im soooooooooo tired so no captions tonight..i will do that when im not so sleep deprived....

Happy girls
This picture will be our adoption/late xmas announcement pic..we love it!!
I am just totally in love with Chloe's smile and am soooo excited to find out that she like her sis has a dimple!! YAY, so adorable, its on her right cheek =). Everytime she laughs it just warms my heart like nothing else, and i cannot possibly explain it. its the best! Merry Christmas once again to you all, we are so blessed this year!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas from China!!

It has been a very rough day just missing home and being with our family and friends and spending Christmas with them, but we are SO greatful to be with such nice people who are traveling with us! We are so anxious to finally come home with our sweet baby girl, these last couple of days have been so hard and we have been so discouraged being so far away during this special time of the year, but there is no other place in the world we would rather be than here in China with our sweet baby girl, because it doesnt matter about the material things at Christmas, all that matters is that we get the opportunity to spend Christmas with our sweet baby girl..and we wouldnt have it any other way! So without further adiou, check out miss. Claus otherwise known as Chloe Madison =). We hope you all have a great Christmas and can't wait to come home!
Much love,
Chuck, Pam, Lindsey & Chloe Madison Xian Jones
We love her so much and are so lucky to call her our daugher and my sister..
Chloe says "My sissys personal fav!" =)
Chloe matchin with one of the WS staff She still LOVES her stroller!
"Sissy your funny!" "I wanna be just like my big sissy!!"
Chloe and mommy playing and laughin

"high 5 sissy!"

"Just wait till i grab them glasses daddy!"